Unnila Max Bubble Effect - Bluetooth Headphones

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Introducing Max Bubble Effect Headphones, the perfect balance of stunning high-fidelity sound and magical ease of use. The ultimate headphones are here.

High fidelity sound.

✓ Active noise cancellation with ambient sound mode.

Personalized spatial audio for a cinematic experience.

✓ Innovative design with exceptional fit.

Ultraoriginal Soundtrack

With these headphones we wanted to create the never seen or heard before. From the ear cushions to the headband, the Max Bubble Effect Headphones are designed to fit you perfectly. They offer optimal sound isolation that adapts to the shape of your head for a truly unique experience.

  • The headband mesh, made of a breathable braided material, distributes the weight of the headphones to reduce pressure.
  • The stainless steel frame is covered with a soft-touch material that offers an outstanding combination of strength, flexibility and comfort.
  • Telescopic arms easily pull out and stay in place to ensure precise fit and isolation.
  • The anodized aluminum headphones feature a revolutionary mechanism that allows you to independently rotate them to your liking and balance the pressure.

A custom-designed mesh fabric wraps around the pads to give you maximum comfort.

The viscoelastic foam cushions designed by our engineers provide exceptional insulation. The result is impeccable acoustics.

With the Digital Crown you can precisely control the volume, change tracks, answer calls and activate Siri.

Sounds in technicolor

Sound quality

Max Bubble Effect Headphones combine high-fidelity audio with industry-leading active noise cancellation technology to give you spectacular sound. Every component of the custom transducer contributes to ultra-low distortion across the entire audible spectrum. You'll enjoy every note with deep, defined bass, accurate mids and crisp, crystal-clear highs.

Immersive experience

To eliminate unwanted external sounds, AirPods Max uses six outward-facing microphones, which detect noise, and two inward-facing microphones, which calibrate what you hear. Plus, the beamforming microphones give your voice all the spotlight on calls. You'll be heard loud and clear, even in windy conditions.

Hear every detail

El transductor dinámico diseñado por Apple reproduce una amplia gama de frecuencias que capta todos los matices del sonido. Redescubre tus temas favoritos con otro nivel de precisión y textura.

The Apple-designed dynamic transducer reproduces a wide frequency range that captures every nuance of sound. Rediscover your favorite tracks with another level of precision and texture.

Zero distortion

Like high-end floorstanding loudspeakers, the transducer's dual neodymium magnet ring motor minimizes total harmonic distortion in the audible spectrum. As a result, the audio is always of exceptional quality, no matter how much you turn up the volume.

Computational audio. Symphony of perfection.

With a powerful UNI 1 chip in each earcup, a custom acoustic design and advanced software, the Headphones use computational audio to deliver a revolutionary experience. This technology uses the ten cores in each chip to eliminate background noise, modulate sound to fit and isolate the ear cushions, and let you enjoy movies as if they were happening all around you.

La ecualización adaptativa modifica el sonido en función del ajuste y el aislamiento de las almohadillas. Los micrófonos orientados hacia dentro analizan lo que estás escuchando y regulan las frecuencias de la música para ofrecerte un sonido homogéneo y de calidad que reproduce fielmente cada nota.

La cancelación activa de ruido líder del sector compensa el sonido que proviene del exterior con una señal antirruido inversa. Así, nada te distrae de lo que estás escuchando.

Pulsa el botón de control de ruido para cambiar al modo de sonido ambiente y volver al mundo real.

Gracias al audio espacial personalizado con seguimiento dinámico de la cabeza, cada serie o película que ves es una experiencia de cine, con sonidos que llegan desde todas las direcciones.

Esta funda conserva hasta la batería

Cuando los guardas en la funda Smart Case flexible y compacta, los Auriculares Max Bubble Effect se ponen en modo de consumo ultrabajo.

A battery that does not stop, goes on, goes on



hours of audio, video playback and calls with active noise cancellation and spatial audio enabled. They charge via the Lightning connector and, with five minutes of charging, you have an hour and a half to continue enjoying.

Box contents

  • 1x Unnila Max Bubble Effect Headphones - Bluetooth connection 

  • 1 Charging cable

  • 1x Manual

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